Instant hazard identification (with audible alarm)
Reduces liability exposure
Will not interfere with stocking or shopping
Gives advertising flexibility (multiple ad types)
Excellent POP carrier / tool
Store advertising profit center (reduces need for other shelf-attached advertising)
Immediate customer visibility when activated
Complete aisle coverage for customer safety and floor-cleaning
Very durable construction

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Aisle Sentry offers a unique, patented hazard warning system designed to aid in the prevention of slip-and-fall and other aisle related accidents. The system offers immediate, continuous floor safety coverage across an entire facility through the strategic placement and use of its safety units. Based on many years of retail facility experience, our company knows that slip-and-fall situations continue to be one of the most costly types of consumer and employee accident claims~making immediate hazard warning vital to controlling these losses. With this in mind, our company also places major emphasis on continuous training and product support.


Aisle Sentry has utilized its understanding of inter-facility (in-store) safety issues to develop solutions to meet customer needs. Its products have evolved through years of in-store research and testing. An individual Aisle Sentry unit is a self-enclosed (surface-mounted, shelf-mounted or free standing) device, which is easily activated by any employee simply by activating the concealed caution arm. The unit is not only an extremely effective warning device, but also provides eye-level, drop-in advertising space which can be used in a broad variety of applications. Major product features include:

Warning Signal~the current 85dB alarm (or verbal warning) is audible within 15 feet of the unit with battery life in excess of 500 hours.
Shelf Mounting Brackets~designed so units can be at a consistent level throughout the aisle, regardless of shelf height.
Snap-in Hinge Attachment~designed to pivot (if unit is bumped, returns to centered position).
Advertising Slots~designed for easy installation and removal of in store messages. Each vertical unit holds two 20" by 3" printed pieces. Horizontal units accommodate one insert.
Units can be totally customized to your operations (color, size, alarm or warning, caution arm orientation, etc.)